BetterYou Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray, 100ml

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray, 100ml
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Brand: BetterYou
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Magnesium Oil Original spray contains only 100% natural and pharmaceutical grade magnesium in its most absorbable form, magnesium chloride. Applied directly to the body Magnesium Oil Original spray delivers this essential mineral directly into the skin tissue, efficiently replacing magnesium faster than traditional oral supplementation. Mined from ancient Zechstein sea deposits, one mile below ground and over 250 million years old. Naturally filtered and condensed for purity second to none. DirectionsA concentrated solution of magnesium chloride and water…. And nothing else. Although it is called an oil there is no oil in this product, it will not stain and does not smell. Can be applied to any area of the body. Apply 5-10 sprays morning and evening and gently massage into the skin for optimum absorption. Magnesium Oil is 100% natural and is suitable for those who are on vegan, vegetarian and coeliac diets. Suitable for any age, for children under 12 halve application. Magnesium Oil Original spray is also suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. IngredientsConcentrated solution of ancient Zechstein Magnesium Chloride (31%). Officially approved by the Vegetarian Society. Warnings It is normal to feel a slight tingling sensation upon initial use. This is harmless and will disappear as your magnesium levels improve. Keep out of reach of children. Supplements should not replace a healthy diet and exercise.