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AJ Medicals

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AJ Medicals is a big and famous Indian-based company that manufactures and supplies medical equipment. The equipment manufactured is premium and the best selection for today’s surgical suite or operating room. Our major brands include anaesthesia machines and ventilators, medical sterilisation packaging, autoclave, diagnostic equipment, and dialysis machine. Buy from us and experience the fulfilling feeling in your treatment room.

Besides manufacturing equipment, AJ Medicals also offers medical studies at the AJ institute of medical sciences. The courses offered are of high value and quality due to the advanced laboratories that allow students to do enough research. Medical sciences is one of the most popular courses offered in the institution because it entirely relies on lab work and research. They aim to provide a sustainable medical solution to the whole world through education.

If you are seeking quality medical services and pharmaceuticals, you might want to consider AJ Medicals. The hospitals have highly skilled professionals who help in disease diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention in India and worldwide. They also have pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and supply medicinal drugs globally.

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AJ Medicals Institute of Sciences and Research Centre

Are you interested in pursuing a medical course at a prestigious institution? AJ institute of medical sciences and research centre has got your back. Their advanced and up-to-date labs provide the best learning environment and also offers popular and high-quality medical courses. One of the top courses is the medical sciences course that will equip you with all the necessary skills.

To secure admission at AJIMS, you must have scored the minimum pass mark of 10+2 points in the NEET exam. You also must have passed English as a compulsory subject and chemistry, biology, and physics as optional subjects. Determining eligibility is purely based on integrity and merit; thus, each student has an equal chance at the institute. With these qualifications, you enrol on an MBBS course first, after which you proceed to higher-level courses.

Medical Sciences Laboratory

Thinking of choosing a career in the medical field? Well, Medical sciences laboratory is the most popular career with the best medical courses so far. The course is dynamic, exciting, and challenging to prepare students to work in research labs such as in hospitals, forensics, industrial research and other places of the same kind.

In this career, you fully focus on analyses of the human specimen such as blood, urine, and tissue to detect, diagnose, and treat diseases. In addition, medical sciences laboratory specialists collect information and samples then analyse them and finally make concern reports, and document their research.

Science and research

Frequently Asked Questions

India is an excellent choice for a medical career. AJ Institute of medical sciences in India has advanced lab equipment, technology, and profession to give students the best medical education.

Biomedical sciences are healthcare-related fields that focus on biology and chemistry, majorly on research and lab work. AJ medicals offer quality courses in biomedical sciences with a vision of developing and advancing human medicine. This field is wide-ranging, with studies in life sciences, bioengineering, and physiological sciences.

Medical sciences laboratory is a dynamic, exciting, and challenging bachelor’s degree course specializing in lab research such as hospitals, clinics, forensic, industrial research, and molecular biology. Specialists analyse body specimens such as blood, urine, and tissue to establish the cause of a disease.


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Unique Facilities at AJ Medicals

Everyone would want to be in a place where almost every need is catered for, right? AJ medicals are definitely one of these places that will deliver on your every need. Besides excellent laboratories, AJ medicals have sports facilities that are both indoor and outdoor. It has a well-equipped gymnasium, a spacious playground with a 200-meter track to help you monitor your physical activities.

The library is well stocked with enough books and worldwide journals. At AJ medicals, there is also a vast computer lab that is accessible to all students and a great place to carry out further research. They have hostels available on campus managed by resident wardens to cater for both genders. And for clinical activities, there are 900 comfortable beds for patients.