Absolute Aromas Organic Cedarwood Atlas, 10ml

Absolute Aromas Organic Cedarwood Atlas, 10ml
Categories: Hair care, Shampoo
Brand: Absolute Aromas
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Absolute Aromas Organic Cedarwood Atlas essential oil, (also known as Cedrus atlantica) is a sweet, dry but woody essential oil with a yellowish to orange colour. Method of Extraction: This organic oil is distilled from the sawdust or stumps of trees which grow abundantly in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Did you know?Atlas Cedar is closely related to the biblical Cedar Lebanon, its therapeutic properties have even been recognised by ancient civilisations as far back as the Egyptians. Directions: One of the more masculine of essential oils, Cedarwood is popularly used in toiletries for men. For a light, aftershave facial oil add 1 drop of Cedarwood, 2 drops of Patchouli and 2 drops of Bergamot to 15ml of Jojoba oil. To help improve the condition of the scalp and encourage healthy hair, add 3 drops each of Cedarwood and Rosemary to 10ml of Coconut oil (or 5ml Coconut and 5ml Wheatgerm for very dry hair) and massage thoroughly into the scalp. Leave for as long as possible before shampooing out. Caution:Virginian Cedarwood, this oil should be used in moderation, never be used during pregnancy and it may cause skin irritation in those with sensitive skin.