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Looking at the A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences post COVID-19

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Students happy to be out and about again

Classes in educational facilities all over the world came to a grinding halt with worldwide lockdowns to attempt to contain the pandemic that was and still is, the Coronavirus named Covid-19. This was also true of A.J. Medical Institute, where both teaching staff and students had to adapt to the new reality that is social distancing.

The immediate threat is under control: What now?

Classes at the A.J. Institute of Medical and activities in their facilities like the gymnasium and dormitories have normalized to what has been referred to as the “New Normal.” This refers to a new way of conducting academics, sports and life where concern for the physical space and well-being of the other is paramount.

In every sphere of academic life, from the bustle of the laboratory to the hum of the classroom, to the babble of the dorms, students and staff of the A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center are again emerging, mixing and socializing, but with a new-found awareness of the frailty of the human condition, an ethos that will serve students well in their career going forward. It took a pandemic to make us all be a little more human again.

Looking forward to a new way of being together safely

Like people all over the world, students and staff at A.J. Medical Science and Research Center have all been personally touched by the pandemic that devastated so many lives. Hardly anyone doesn’t know anyone who hasn’t lost a loved or dear one, and this has galvanized the resolve of these students to be even better equipped once deployed in the medical field.